Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) Course 2019-20

Personal Details

Please ensure this is correct and an email address you can access at any time as all correspondence will be sent via email.

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Choice of Centre

The course will be accredited by MEI and offered at ten venues around the country. The criteria for offering places can be found on the TAM page of the AMSPwebsite: https://amsp.org.uk/events/details/5200

Teaching Timetable in 2019-20

Please note, places will only be offered to teachers who have AS/A level or IB Mathematics teaching on their timetable. This teaching should include the teaching of some pure maths content within AS/A level or IB Mathematics (i.e. not only statistics and/or mechanics content).

Your AS/A level or IB Mathematics teaching must be timetabled lessons to an entire class for at least 2 hours or 2 lessons per week for the whole academic year 2019-20. You must be the member of staff who has sole responsibility for planning and teaching these lessons each week.

You should also be aware that if this teaching does not materialise or is withdrawn at any stage in the 2019-20 academic year you would have to withdraw from the course and no refund would be made.

If you are unsure whether your proposed teaching in 2019-20 will satisfy these requirements then please contact the CPD Admin team with your query either on 01225 716494 or via [email protected]

Course impact

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