Year 10 Maths Feast Application Form

The Sjovoll Centre, DH1 5BZ, Tue 10th Mar 2020

Please use this form to apply for the above Maths Feast. If you wish to apply for a different Maths Feast, please return to the events list and choose the Maths Feast for which you wish to apply.

If the Maths Feast you have applied for is full then you will be contacted to ask whether an alternative Maths Feast would be viable. 

Personal details

Please enter this carefully using an email address that you check regularly. An error in your email address will delay our response to you and if we cannot contact you this may result in your entry inadvertently being withdrawn.

School details

Your school will be automatically allocated 1 team at your first event choice if available. You may indicate in the box below if you would like to bring 2 teams.You will be notified in advance of your chosen event date if a second team can be allocated a place. Each team must be accompanied by somebody to supervise them. This can be a teaching assistant or a sixth form student; at least one should be a CRB checked adult. The accompanying supervisor will be expected to mark the work of another team. Marking schemes will be provided.

Emergency contact details

Details for emergencies - We need to have contact details of the person in your school who has agreed to be the emergency contact while you are at the Maths Feast. This would normally be a member of the SLT or someone with responsibility for booking events.

For emergency use only, e.g. course cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.

Please ensure this is correct as all communications will be sent via email. This will not be shared beyond the AMSP

Additional information

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